Breathtaking turquoise waters, cool Caribbean breeze, absolute serenity in the middle of the Caribbean Sea: The Belize Collection presents Rhythm Reef Caye, an exclusive island getaway for those seeking the ultimate private island experience. Starting December 1st, 2023, you can book a day trip to this stunning, remote isle for an extraordinary island experience.

It’s a no brainer to see how the Beatles’ Ringo Starr was compelled to call this island home for a spell! The serene vibes embrace you from the first steps on its white sandy shores. It’s time to indulge your inner rock star and allow The Belize Collection to cater to your private island experience!

While enjoying your Belize vacation, why not treat yourself to a perfect day at Rhythm Reef Caye? This luxurious adventure includes being ferried to and from the caye, a private server/bartender and chef, and an entire day exploring one of the most stunning private islands in Southern Belize.

Start your private island experience with a 40-minute boat ride from The Lodge at Jaguar Reef. This ride takes you past various tiny islets and clusters of mangroves along the way.  The scenic commute hardly seems to take much time before the boat pulls up and docks at Rhythm Reef Caye. Coconut tree leaves sway in the wind, and a few colorful hammocks strung among the palms paint the perfect idyllic island retreat. Crystal clear waters spell hours frolicking and sightseeing underwater. Rustic thatched palapas in the middle of the sea are perfect for a midday hangout or resting after a few rounds of volleyball.

Once on land, it’s time to explore this gem of an island. Do you want to swing on one of the hammocks under the coconut trees? Maybe you prefer to lounge on the daybeds while sipping on fresh coconut water. Standing on the west shore where you docked, you can see clear across the island to the east. Enjoy a leisurely stroll covering the island’s width, discovering seashells and interesting flora along the way. After working up a bit of sweat, head into the sea and swim all your cares away. Don your snorkel and mask and enjoy the scenic underwater views in the most pristine, clear waters around. Belize’s Barrier Reef System provides an incredible coral habitat for marine life, and to view the fish and tiny creatures up close is an experience you’ll never forget.

After a couple of hours swimming and snorkeling, you will have worked up quite an appetite. Lucky for you, while you swam, the onsite chef was busy preparing a delectable meal for his guests. Fresh fish ceviche with cassava chips are the perfect starter to a tasty lunch. Choose from buttery grilled fish, turmeric grilled chicken, or a hearty vegetarian pasta entrée to follow. Delicious sides include charred potato medallions, crispy arugula, and a refreshing cucumber-watermelon salad. 

Does a nap on the lounger sound delightful? There’s no reason why you can’t take a chance to relax and refresh yourself; there’s plenty of hours in the day left! Once you’ve recovered from your post-lunch snooze, grab a paddleboard or kayak and take to the seas once again. If you’re with friends or family, maybe a little challenge could add to the fun. Enjoy a little competitive race or two, then gather around the beach for some beach volleyball – or take it to the water and have the ultimate island sporting experience. 

Convenient freshwater showers and full bathroom facilities mean you can leave Rhythm Reef Caye refreshed and re-invigorated. Enjoy another scenic boat ride on your return to the village, taking in the sights of the majestic Maya Mountains – especially the Victoria Peak – in the distance, growing ever closer. From this vantage point, it’s easy to see how captivating Belize’s landscape is. You can go from frolicking on a stunning private island to exploring the deep jungles surrounding the villages and towns nearby, to climbing awe-inspiring Maya Temples. The adventures in Belize will inspire and amaze you every day. 

Doesn’t a day out on a beautiful private island sound perfect? Contact The Belize Collection Reservations Team to book a day trip to the exclusive new island, Rhythm Reef Caye.

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