Marla’s House of Hope


Marla’s House of Hope is a children’s home dedicated to providing loving care to girls removed from abusive environments. The Department of Human Services removes children from homes where they have experienced some degree of abuse and places them with Marla’s House of Hope. Once at Marla’s, the Head Mother, staff, and volunteers, nurture these children who often have difficulty adjusting to “normal” life. They instill love, education, discipline and support. In some cases, the children can be reunited with their parents. In other cases, Marla’s provides long term care and readies them for a responsible adulthood.

How It Began

Marla’s House of Hope started as one committee formed by Dr. Marla Holder to address child abuse and exploitation in Belize. One year later, Dr. Holder died in a tragic accident trying to save a drowning child. In 1998, the first children’s shelter was opened by the Department of Human Services and named “Marla’s House of Hope” in honor of Dr. Marla Holder. With the help of the local business community and friends and businesses in the USA, Marla’s House of Hope was able to build a permanent home where 20 children now reside. Over the past 20 years, 400 children have received care from Marla’s House of Hope.

Our Partnership

In the lobbies of our resorts, The Belize Collection proudly displays paintings thoughtfully created by girls living at Marla’s House of Hope. Guests are invited to take a painting home for a donation of their choice to support the girls receiving nurturing care at Marla’s House of Hope.


Should you be traveling to The Belize Collection of Resorts with spare room in your luggage, we’ve reached out to the Head Mother who’s curated a needs list:

  • Large clear packing bags
  • Flip flops and formal sandals of all sizes (up to size 11)
  • Adult toothpaste
  • Dandruff shampoo
  • Baby care products
  • Bras of all sizes (band sizes 24-40) (cup sizes A to DD)
  • Standard size pillows

If you’d like to assist financially, click the donate button. Thank you for caring for the children of Belize.

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