Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.

Welcome aboard Flight 501, headed to beautiful Belize. With an expected high of 87 degrees Fahrenheit, the weather is sunny and warm at your destination. Prepare for an incredible adventure in one of the most picturesque and adventurous countries this side of the Americas. Whatever you’ve dreamed of, we promise it will be better. So, sit back, relax, and let’s fly to Belize!

So many ways to get to Belize: 

Belize continues to grow as a vacation destination, and no more apparent than during the holidays, when the flights come through in abundance! With year-round warm weather, stunning islands, barrier reef, lush jungles and a charming culture, there is no denying she is the ultimate adventure. Access to Belize is easy, with a multitude of airlines adding her to their global and regional routes. 

If she’s been on your radar as of late, now is the time to take advantage of the many routes leading to Belize. Below is a comprehensive list of available flights ready to take you to one of the most awe-inspiring adventures. 

  • American Airlines and WestJet have announced increased winter flights to Belize (started in November). 
  • Additionally, WestJet extended the number of direct daily departures from Toronto and Calgary. 
  • JetBlue’s direct flights from JFK to Belize started December 6th. 
  • Alaska Airlines provides service from Los Angeles to Belize four times a week, and has recently increased the number of said direct flights. Direct flights from Seattle have also restarted, operating twice weekly. 
  • Delta Airlines will be adding an extra Saturday flight out of Atlanta, Georgia starting January 2024. Delta offers daily international flights to Belize.  
  • Southwest Airlines has also committed to additional flights departing from Houston, and a Saturday-only service from Baltimore. 
  • SunCountry Airlines offers direct flights from Minneapolis to Belize. 
  • Through April 30, 2024, Canada’s largest airline Air Canada will offer direct flights from Toronto to Belize. 

Cities offering the most flights to Belize: 

Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, and New York. 

Top reliable North American airlines: 

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta, Frontier, WestJet, Southwest and United. 

Enjoy the Holidays with The Belize Collection 

Is this the year you escape the drab and dreary winter? It’s time to make fun holiday memories in a tropical destination, and The Belize Collection has wonderful itineraries awaiting you! The Christmas trees have been lit at The Sleeping Giant, Jaguar Reef Resort and Umaya Resort. Special Christmas and New Year’s menus have been finalized, and fabulous entertainment booked to keep your days and nights exciting. Imagine live violin music during a fabulous 3-course dinner while surrounded by the glorious mountains or decorating your very own Christmas cookies with the family on the beach!  

Your Belize holiday can be nestled in wild jungle, quiet and subdued with the sighing of leaves overhead, or with a thrilling cultural drumming soundtrack and the rush of waves. Explore the rainforest, visit ancient Maya temples, swim in the warm Caribbean waters, or picnic on a private island. There are no rules or traditions you need to follow when holidaying in the tropics. So book that flight and make Belize your destination this season. It’s time to create memories that last a lifetime. Happy Holidays! 

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